To connect people with the power of recorded audio cards, improving social interactions

and communication within families, friends and communities.


To make the largest possible social impact by encouraging better communication and connectivity for all

disadvantaged groups

Core Values

● Giving

● Sharing

● Creating

● Action

● Honouring Memories

● Love

Our Story

Sweet Community on the Go (SCOTG) is a new CIC company for 2019, born out of our sister company Sweet Sol.

Our purpose is connecting people through the creation of our audio cards. After researching into locations across the UK, using up to date Evidence of Need statistics we've decided to start an out reach program in Kent (South East) and we are currently applying for lottery funding so we can begin to build this dream of ours. We want to promote the true message behind our audio card product, which is to connect people by improving social interactions and communication within families, friends and communities. 

Our ultimate vision is to open a location called The Sweet Centre to make the largest possible social impact we can by encouraging better communication and connectivity for all disadvantaged groups as well.

Sweet Community on the Go CIC generally work with people who have sensory needs and conditions, attention disorders, older people who suffer with dementia, and the general public who want to do something special for a loved one that is different to other forms of communication. We've seen cancer patients record their voice message for loved ones knowing that their time will be coming to an end soon. We have had people with dementia reminisce about their younger days and use the cards for comfort. Our product has also helped a selective mute girl speak for the first time in years, causing her Mum to weep and their bond to get stronger.

Outreach Work

We have began our outreach work by providing our Creative Expression Sessions where we have started working with local charities to deliver the most effective sessions possible on topics such as mental health. We provide a fun and collaborative environment which fosters the creation of stronger relationships in the community. This occurs through specialised classes using our handmade confectionery and audio cards which are tailored to each group that we wish to help. The sessions are engaging and interactive which helps to increase their effectiveness. We have had experience from meeting customers with disabilities (in our previous High Street shop) that showed us that we can help different groups in different ways. For example with dementia patients, creativity helps them remember things and with parents and children it helps connect them together. 

There are a range of practical and emotional benefits that come from engaging in art. There are some young autistic children who may struggle with their motor skills, for which the simple act of guiding crayons over paper can render a huge improvement. However, as well as improving their motor skills, creating drawings allows autistic children to communicate thoughts and feelings which they may otherwise struggle to express. In addition to this, viewing a child’s drawing opens a window into interests, preoccupations and emotions which may go unnoticed in a child with ASD, who is not able to communicate in a conventional manner. Therefore our classes provide countless many benefits beyond making an audio card.

Sweet Community




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