The sessions we provide connect people and communities with the power of our audio recording cards, improving social interactions and communication within families, friends and communities.

The sessions include:

- Sweet "Ice Breaker" games.

- Free audio card packs, art supplies and handmade sweets.

- Sharing stories through art.

- Conversations about trauma, care and support.

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Our creative expression sessions inspire people to connect with each other through sharing moments and memories.


We will start the session by introducing ourselves and explaining our background.

The objective of the event is to take away a gift you’ve created for someone or yourself that can be beneficial in your life in some way. We shall do this in four different stages.


SHOW - we’ll show how we have used the audio cards from our own personal experiences.

EXPLAIN - how the things drawn on the card can be memories or something of importance.

SHARE - talk about how we can share these moments in different ways, including the recording of an audio message and how we can use these messages positively.

EXPLAIN - the importance of remembering special moments and understanding why they’re important. We will then ask questions to be discussed.


ICE BREAKER GAMES (warm up class)


Questions to be discussed...

  • What special moment have you had with someone that may have ended or need fixing? Was something left unsaid or never said? How would you fix that? 

  • Was there a moment you wanted to tell someone how you really felt?

  • Have you lost someone recently?

  • Would you like to say something to someone you don’t think you could say in person?

  If making a gift...

  • Who is the gift being made for?

  • SELF improvement and confidence? Leave a message for yourself to remind everyday… good for depression… “What am I  going to do for myself today?”

  • Do you have anger… use the message as a self expression to motivate and heal you

  • What is the person’s relationship with who they are gifting?

  • Why are they important to them?

  • Using the cards as a prank?

  • Other situations (benefits, have fun, romantic, positive moments) 


  • Clients will hopefully record moments with others, increasing confidence in themselves from opening up with the other participants.

  • Participants will leave a message of support for their partner, friends or family, or they’ll create something together (if they are with someone) to use for inspiration in the future.

  • Positive outcomes and follow ups of people enjoying the cards or getting results from sharing in class.

  • The participants are expected to share their stories or experiences as it’s important for growth, confidence and positive wellbeing

  • For participants to allow us to share their stories (with permission) as this is vital for development of our sessions.


This activity is incredibly beneficial for all groups, schools, charities, mental health awareness support groups, care homes, residential homes and more. It allows people to connect with a memory and creative response to enable them to open up to others, therefore getting support and letting go of issues or problems that may be holding them back or effecting a disorder.


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If you think your community group or charity would benefit from one of our Creative Expression Sessions or you'd like a document to show your community group or charity please get in touch here?

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