My Heart Bear

Our Heart Bears colour options are lucky dip. Which one will you get?


Your heart bear was born for you. It’s soul is made from sweeties, magic and love and it’s purpose is to care for your heart. Your Heart Bear will take away 

your worries, fears and anxieties. When you want to let them go, just share with the bear. Your heart bear will only give you love in return, to give you comfort. 


Once you’ve detached the heart from the Heart Bear you are bonded forever. 

My Heart Bear

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  • They can be customised so please contact us if you'd like a particular colour.

    These are hand made with acrylic yarns and synthetic stuffing. Some children are allergic to wool so we have avoided it. They are fully washable because of the materials used. We suggest washing at 30 in a machine or preferably hand wash in soapy water, squeeze gently and leave to dry thoroughly.

  • 30 days

    Buying pays postage

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